Bug Town - Book One

Bug Town
ISBN 978-1-77069-709-6

You have to look hard in your garden to find Bug Town, but when you do you can hardly look away! This town is one busy little place, filled with bugs of every color, shape and size doing all sorts of interesting things.

Five friends in this town love creative adventure, but their imaginations sometimes get them into trouble. It’s a good thing they don’t know what this new day will bring!  This fun time takes place in Oakbank, Manitoba.


A Bug's Dream

A Bug's Dream: Book Two

A Bug’s Dream
ISBN 978-1-77069-744-7

You have to be very quiet as you walk into Caleb the beetle’s dream world with all of his dreamland friends.

Caleb snuggles into the giant roots of an old oak tree and is soon fast asleep.  His dream takes some unbelievable turns as he lives out the desires of his little bug heart.  On his incredible little red scooter with his wagon in tow, Caleb arrives safely at Birds Hill Park, where his dream adventure begins with four of his new-found friends. 

This is the best day of his life, and I know you will agree!  Dreams can be so much fun, even for a little beetle. Caleb’s dream takes place in Birds Hill Park, just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Christmas In Bug Town

Christmas in Bug Town: Book Three

Christmas in Bug Town COMING SOON!
ISBN 978-1-4866-0009-0

CHRISTMAS AND BUGS! These little bugs in bug town, loved doing all those things that people enjoyed doing. Have you ever heard of bugs enjoying all those fun things we do at Christmas? Well, bug town was really getting into the joy of it.

What pleasure they had in decorating, cooking and getting presents together for all around them. There was something else these little bugs found out about Christmas that was only SPECIAL for all people and not them.

What could that be? It filled their bug hearts with so much joy that they started to SING.

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